Washer Woman

June 14, 2018

I am getting pretty good with washing clothes in a sink, at a camp site, in a car… I have my one process that works well for me.

A chunk of soap inside a sandwich bag. A gallon size freezer Ziploc bag- use this size, and kind because the bag is thick and holds up to many washes, a travel towel- it absorbs more water than a regular towel, and travel hangers.

I prop the bag up, put in water, imerse the one item- only was one item in bag at a time- pull out item, apply some bar soap, and scrubba-rubba away inside the bag. Drain, rinse, wring dry, roll in towel, hang to dry.

I love the travel hangers. Thick foldable hangers that have grips to keep things from slipping off. Also, each side of the hanger arm can be extended in order to hold a full size towel.

I also pack a cord that I can stretch out to hang clothes on in case there isn’t something available to hang clothes on in the room.

Washing your clothes and getting them to dry is easier if you buy clothes made out of materials that dry quickly.

This is how to pack light too. Hand wash your clothes instead of packing mass amounts of items to wear, saving them up for the hotel laundry service to do. Less expensive too!

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