Ja, Das ist Gut

One step at a time

One step at a time

“Ja. Das ist Gut”

June 6, 2014

We walked and walked and then walked some more, but we made it to Pamplona!
We wanted to stay at the Casa Paderborn Albergue for two reasons, it was inexpensive (6€) and it is ran by the German confraternity which meant it would be very clean and have no bed bugs.
Took some time trying to find the place. The directions say to go over the bridge, but we went over the wrong bridge several times. Ended up in a park and walked around and around. We saw the horse ranch, the miniature pony ranch, fantastic vegetable garden…but no albergue…until we crossed over yet another bridge and found it! We scored the last two beds ( mats on the floor for us) at 1:15 pm.

I must say that Abby had great time putting her high school and McDonald Spanish to use. She was asking for directions, held conversations with a variety of people. The older Spanish men are fascinated with Abby. The older Spanish women find me amusing. All are in awe that we are traveling together as mom and daughter.

The German hostess, upon seeing me struggling with my pack, quickly took it off and promptly weighed it. The let out a yelp. 13k! I have no idea how that happened. Mine had weighed 10kg at home. So, I was directed ( in a nice manner) to go up stairs and purge the pack and not go out until it was done. After of course having a shower and washing laundry.

Abby and I purged together. She is sending home her New Balance walking shoes. She prefers the Keens sandals. We are sending home our journals. This will become our journal. We purged ounces that accumulated to 5kg. We will donate it and also send home the rest. We weighed my pack again ( without water) 9 kg. The German hostesses rejoiced with me. Hugged me and kissed my forehead. Yes…instant gratification for pleasing someone.

Then the set about to fix my backpack, adjusting straps, pulling here, snapping there. Germans are very efficient. I know. I am one. However, I must say that the ones I have met out here are in most excellent shape and very punctual in most every manner.

We went up to the Plaza. Saw the HUGE bullfighting ring. Ate some dinner and came back to treat Abby’s feet. We bought Vaseline (5€ for a tube we would pay $1 for in the U.S.) which I proceeded to give Abby a foot massage. Other pilgrims watched the procedure with envy. See…going to cosmetology school did pay off.

We will stop at the post office which opens at 9 am and then walk about 5km to Cizur Menor. It will be hot today, about 85. We will be starting late. Our ankles are getting used to walking. Abby has a blister on her baby toe. We are in no rush. Have no race to run. Plus, if we get behind and feel rushed for time, we can take the bus!

Thank you for your support and thoughts and prayers. They are helping us along the way. It is all working out even though it isn’t working out the way we had planned…but see…it does all iron out in the end. Das ist gut.

5 thoughts on “Ja, Das ist Gut

  1. Mormon Soprano

    I love Germans!! I spent a summer in western Germany singing had a wonderful experience. I was always amazed at how clean things were. They even washed and scrubbed the sidewalks in front of their houses every morning! And the trains and busses were always on time. So true.
    Cngratulations for reaching Pamplona and for lightening your loads!! When you think about it, its pretty amazing that the only blisters between the two of you is a small one on Abbys toe. You are doing great! GO TEAM ADAM!

  2. Carol Milliken

    I really enjoy your posts. It brings back memories of my own Camino in 1994 when I was 45. I walked alone and it seemed nothing went as
    “Planned”‘ but it changed my life and made me a stronger person ( in many ways) . You are going about your Camino in the right way…..your way. I’m planning to walk it again in May /June 2015. Keep your positive attitude…..and keep writing.

  3. aloarb53

    Purging and pack adjustments and foot massages. Yep — sounds like the Camino. You are REAL pilgrims now. The third and fourth days are ALWAYS the worst. It truly does get less difficult now that your mind and body are more seasoned. It took me until my second Camino to figure out that sending ahead a pack, taking a bus, taking short days, did not make me any less of a pilgrim. You figured it out right at the start of your first one. Brilliance! Go Shawna and Abby!

  4. susanawee

    Great going Shawna and Abby……so relieved to read that you have made Pamploma and, that you are both still in one piece and in good shape. Good work on purging the backpacks…..so looking forward to reading the next instalments as they come over the weekend…..Lots of Hugs and cyber support for you both….xx

  5. Lee Hall

    Ladies..what a difference a day makes…just 24 little hours. Now your starting to settle in..The friends you make will change and change again, but you’ll be surprised how you’ll meet up later on.
    Sounds like your packs are good and your learning how to fine tune the adjustments.
    Now the daily routine will be become less of a job and become secondary. .your Camino begins. Stay healthy and really enjoy your journey..it’s going to be over all too soon. So make good memories. Buen Camino.


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