“All the Creatures Big and Small”

Snake in the grass

Snake in the grass

“I Simply Remember the Beautiful Things…”

June 8, 2014

Reflecting on some observations these past few days in no particular order.

*Walking behind Abby and watching the blueish-pale grey butterflies flit around her as she unknowingly meanders down the trail. The butterflies follow her, attracted to her crazy multi purple colored pants and bright pink compression sleeves. They land on her, believing that she is a wild flower that is similar to the ones lining the side of the trail.

*Our excitement with finding different types of insects. We have spent quite some time examining the little creatures that we have ” discovered” along the way. Red with black spots winged insect that is similar to a Ladybug, but with an elongated feminine shape and not the typical squatty-body as the one seen in the States.

*We point out the various caterpillars inching along the trail or dangling from the fauna. Tiny bright green with black spots, covered with fine black hair. Black fuzzy thick ones. Orangish colored ones.

*We spent about 20 minutes observing a teeny tiny snake located in a garden bed by a park bench. No one else noticed its presence. They were too busy rushing by and not looking down. I was resting, waiting to be checked into an Albergue in Pamplona, when I spied the creature nestled amongst the green fauna. At first, I thought it to be a long earthworm, but as I studied it, I could make out its triangle shaped head. Abby and I watched as a teeny-tiny snail sat on top of its head. We wondered out loud what reaction would occur. The snail toppled off, the snake’s tongue flicked out, and it’s body wrapped up to continue sunbathing in the humid garden. All of this being watched over by an orangish-tan colored lizard sitting high up on an old cement pillar.

*Listening to the birds tweet in song. Beginning early in the morning and continuing late into the evening. The buzz of the bees. Big huge chunky black and yellow globs that makes you wonder how they are able to fly, but they do. Traveling from one flower to another, poking their bodies deep inside a flower, emerging with pollen dust on their head.

We meander along taking delight in these sights as others hurry by like the Mad Hatter focused intently on not being late to arrive at their next destination. For us, we have arrived and are enjoying sauntering along and watching the creepy crawlies proceed at their own pace.

We are at one with these insects and small creatures that live alongside The Way.

3 thoughts on ““All the Creatures Big and Small”

  1. Mormon Soprano

    Is that a cigarette butt next to the snake? If so, then it really is a very teeny tiny snake! I like this post, and that you are enjoying things about the Camino that many people miss. 🙂 By the way, I blogged about you today. Put a link to your blog and to your donation site. Hoping you will get some more followers. Happy trails and Buen Camino! 🙂


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