It’s the End of the World as We Know It…and I Feel Fine

Sleep in peace

Sleep in peace

Don’t Stop Believing

June 20, 2014

Just when I was ready to throw in the towel. No. Really. I mean it. After last night’s experience in Leon with the two rude women twins who locked the window shut due to the party noise outside. The only ventilation for the one women’s section that housed 30 of us females, we were in was now cut off and I cannot begin to describe the Hell Hole that room became.

Stunk of farts, B.O., stale pee from the bathroom…and the heat was stifling. I had nightmares. Woke up soaking in my own sweat at 4 am and had to flee the room for the outside courtyard in order to breath.

That was it. No mas.

Plus my left foot is not cooperating. A ligament is strained. If I sit or stop moving, it tightens up, swells and hurts. I limp when I walk. It is sore and throbbing. But I’m bound and determined to finish this pilgrimage come Hell or high water. I did not climb the Pyrenees to go home without my Compostella.

So we took the bus to Astorga. Yup…jumping ahead, but time is moving forward and so do we. I have no shame. I have no guilt. I do not owe anyone any excuses for doing so. Even though I overheard a conversation about pilgrims doing as such, being described as losers and cheaters. That compassionate pilgrim spirit hasn’t bit that group of pilgrims in their butt yet.

And then upon arrival, we decided…well…I decided that perhaps now is the time to bite the bullet and take the bus to Sarria. This is the point where you HAVE to walk 100km and collect two stamps per day on your credential in order to get your Compostella. This isn’t an easy decision to come to. I had looked through the next stages coming up. Knew we would take a bus in two of them, but for the most part walk and still have time left over.

Then as I was stewing in my own juices last night, the thought came to me that perhaps I should go to Sarria now and not hobble through the next stages, eeking out the left foot. What if it got worse and due to it becoming more inflamed I wouldn’t be able to continue during this last stage that HAD to completed by foot ( or bike or horse)? All for not. I would be upset with myself for NOT finishing.

Turns out, we can’t reach Sarria by bus, only by train. And we are going out late on Saturday from here, take the train to a connecting point and continue on from there. We won’t arrive in Sarria until 6:30 pm on a Saturday night. It is a crowded place with a lot of pilgrims just coming in to start their pilgrimage. We don’t know if we will have a place to sleep or not. But we are going for it.

Anyway, all of this has been a bummer. Last night’s experience. Caving into jumping so far ahead…I was feeling pretty crappy about everything, when we reached the Albergue (Albergue Publico in Plaza de San Francisco 3) that I had seen advertised last week at the 80 men hostel. It looked nice in the picture. In person, it is stunning. And they gave Abby and I our own room. With a window. With a view. For 5€ each. We squealed and jumped up and down delighted with this.

Things happen. Things work out one way or other. If we hadn’t stayed in the 80 men hostel, we wouldn’t have found this place. Just when you get discouraged and start kicking yourself because The Plan is not working, something better comes along to give you an attitude/ gratitude adjustment.

We will continue to progress.


9 thoughts on “It’s the End of the World as We Know It…and I Feel Fine

  1. Mormon Soprano

    P.S. I read your post again out loud to Jeff. We chuckled together at your descriptions. And we both agreed how much we love your attitude. Youve Got this! Things are going to work out.
    Have fun on the train. Buen Camino!!

  2. kbinldo

    There’s a great albergue just 5 km from Portomarin, just before the steep descent into it. Lovely garden, bunks in an old barn. Nice showers. Restaurant for meals. Heaven on earth for me. I recommend it especially if your foot is still bothering you so you can rest it before that steep descent. Also, there is no need to go into Portomarin across the bridge. Just keep going straight along the river & eventually the Camino coming out of Portomarin rejoins it after another bridge about a mile away.

  3. Mormon Soprano

    Im so sorry about your foot. Im very worried about you pushing yourself through the pain. That is not a good idea. You need to rest it, elevate it and ice it. I would strongly recommend going to a clinic. They might be able to give you a brace for it. But since you’ve leaped fwd enough, can you stay several days in this nice place and simply RESTyour foot? It would make a big difference. Lots of ICE and Ibuprofen. I injured my leg last February. Tore my soleus muscle. And the PT and recovery is STILL continuing weekly now 4 months later. You must remember that if you push a serious injury you can end up with having to require surgery and even with permanent damage, Shawna. I’m praying for you to listen to your body and follow the Spirit. You have already had an amazing Camino. In the end, it’s taking the journey that really matters. Not the compostella. ♥

  4. stephanie

    I stayed there and we loved it..since you have time go to the Cathedral…so sorry you will be missing cruz de ferro and Rabanal..they are so lovely!!But soldier on you must!

    1. Lee Hall

      Shawna and goes. If this old trekker could come and prod you guys the last 100km. I’d be there in a heart beat..
      So here’s another saying for ya..” You’ve talked the you gotta walk the walk”.
      Everything that’s happened to you happens to almost all of us attempting such a long journey.
      That’s why the Camino changes people in so many ways…When you reach the Square in front of the Church, tears streaming down your face, your heart so full of the Love of God..These struggles will all make sense.
      Once you leave Sarria you’ll have a couple a couple of long pulls..take your time..hydrate ..Rest a bit..hydrate..take some 700mg. Motrim.. and you’ll be there before you know it.There are plenty of places along the way to sleep..Divide the number of days you have allowed to get there by 100km..
      Get your book out and have the person at the Albuquerque make your reservations all the way to Santiago.They will more than happy to help. .
      So that’s about it..easy..peesie..
      Your almost there. .and when it’s over you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to return.
      With all the Love and Prayers in this Perigrino’s Heart…Buen Camino

      1. Lee Hall

        Guys no matter what anyone says…It’s your Camino
        And how you journeyed along the Way is none of their Frick’n business. .

      2. svadam Post author

        Thank you for your words of encouragement. Glad to know that the albergues will help make the reservations. I’m going to do that. Yup…I’m dividing it up into smaller chunks. I have the days to have the time to do so. We are going all the way…haven’t come this far to turn home

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