Stop and Smell the Roses


Clouds Look Like Cotton Candy


June 22, 2014


If taking it slow means staying in nice places like this farm I’m all for it!
We are staying in Barbadelo. We walked a whole 3.5 miles…didn’t feel like that many miles-felt like 1 mile. Our legs and booty are firm from climbing the mountains and hills. Our backpacks fit well. Our feet are strong ( yes…even my left one). We had to climb up a steep hill…no big deal after the ones we have conquered before, but for others who have just started their walk to Santiago from Sarria, it was a struggle for them.


I, of course was a huge sweat bucket, but that is the norm.


Last night’s experience at the Albergue was a complete new one for us. In all the ones we have stayed at, there is a 10 pm curfew and in the morning time a couple of people will start to make noise at 4 am and the majority of the people leave around 6:30.
Not at this place. The two women who shared the room with me came in from dancing at around 12 am. Lots of “kids” who stayed up till 1 am playing games, drinking beer and talking real loud right outside my door. I could care less. I’m used to noise. I’m a kinder teacher and I can sleep through anything (not that I sleep in my classroom when I’m teaching).


Well, I think I was snoring too loud, because sometime around 3 am the women both were rustling in their packs. I think it was for their earplugs. But they were snoring too!


In the morning, I woke up at 5 because the rooster next door was going off. But no one was awake. Nor was anyone up at 6. Finally, I got up at 6:30 and took my stuff out of the room to pack up. People got up around 7- 7-45.


The walk up to this Albergue was interesting. We were among about 200 walking. WOW! Lots of large groups…like church camp groups…walking, all color coordinated with teeshirts. Quite different from the way we have walked before. And women were wearing make-up with their hair done and wearing clean clothes and shoes and they had shaved, unbriused legs. People were put together, unlike us. We looked like mismatched smelly semi- homeless people.
We had some looks. Well…we did smell. We have bear hair legs. Our arms are peeling. And our backpacks are dirty.


Heck…we have been living out of our pack going on almost a month now.


And we walked 3.5 miles and parked our butts and watched the people walk by and the clouds move across the sky and the horses grazing and the cows lumber along in the field.


It is good to sit and smell the roses and swat at the flies.

image image


1 thought on “Stop and Smell the Roses

  1. Mormon Soprano

    Glad you get to relax a bit. Interesting about the large groups and matching t-shirts. Must feel like the Way has suddenly gone all Disneyland on you!


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