What is the Objective?

Teeny- tiny roadside place

Teeny- tiny roadside place

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

June 24, 2014

Perhaps Abby and I are not normal. Maybe we are too nice. Perhaps we are too considerate. Something I have been contemplating these past three days. The Camino has changed. The type of people we are encountering are different. They are still people, but the attitude is one of selfish entitlement. For example, if people are sleeping in the bed area and it is early in the day, Abby and I would be quiet and respectful along with other people. Now, no one is respectful. Talking in a loud voice. Playing around. Moving others ( ours) property because they decided that their pack needed that space. Just very rude behavior.

Abby and I were asleep when a group of older French people came in yelling, making noise. Moving our stuff out of our area, placing it on the floor while they unpacked their things and spread them all out. Totally ignoring our gestures and words of protest.
And then we were given the display of old French men underware ( looks just like you would imagine) and then off came the underware and I am once again horrified to find myself face to crotch level of old French men twigs and nuts. Ahhhhh! And yes, it looks just like you would imagine. I am not talking about Burt Reynolds in his Playboy spread look either. Imagine an old Billy Goat…now you can be horrified too.

Oh…but wait…let’s all talk loud and yell and go on and on with no consideration for others sleeping. But, when it is time for them to nap, the look of indignation on their face…well French Banshee woman came back from the past to haunt me!

Like I told Abby, “perhaps there is a lesson we are supposed to learn, after-all these situations continue to repeat. Rude people who lack common sense and the need to drop their underware in front of us. Mmmm…what could the lesson(s) be?

Love one another? Be of good cheer? Give peace a chance? Whatever, we will continue to enjoy the help of others and focus on these acts of kindness instead of the rudeness.

A random act of kindness by a Spanish woman came our way today. We were looking for a place to stay, but they were booked up. We figured we would walk on to the other town about 5 miles away, but there are only two albergues in the town and we didn’t want to risk finding out that they too were all booked up. This woman heard us ask the one Albergue host if they could call for us and she said no. The woman said she would call and she found us a place. Yay! How nice was that?

We have also figured out that instead of booking ahead, we should probably utilize the municipal albergues as they will not accept reservations and our chances of getting a bed if we arrive early enough, will be better than going to the private ones that are being filled up with large groups of people traveling together.

Onward we go. Another 83km to go before hitting Santiago.


4 thoughts on “What is the Objective?

  1. stephanie

    I really never found those issues although I rarely stayed in the municpals…I only had one incidence in Fonfria where a guy was farting and making noises all night in a large alberque but after that i chose to stay in smaller places with smaller rooms,,,cuts down the opportunity for such issues!

  2. Mormon Soprano

    I wonder if having a person fluent in French with me [Jeff] is going to make any difference for our Camino? I can’t believe they just strip down in front of you. Seriously?!?! *facepalm* disgusting. Well, at least you have a place to stay tonight. The Camino continues to provide for you. And it sounds like your foot must be getting a little better if you were able to walk so many more miles today? I hope so!

  3. smmonroe

    If fluff out all your mother feathers you should be able to scare the crap (might not want to do that)out of any shivel up old, fart y Frenchman.

  4. smmonroe

    Wish u had some rubber bands so you could snap a twringer that’s hanging in your face. Remember once you told me to huff and puff myself up and go confront your teacher and I did. Maybe it’s time you huffed and puffed up and let them know who they are dealing with. Don’t the others speak up? If they get away with this they just continue to bully.you need some choice French words to express yourself. Pull up your teacher panties and do some intimidating.


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