Walking on Sunshine (Not)

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Rain. Go. Away.

June 28, 2014

And it didn’t stop raining for hours, in spite of my pleas to God to make it stop. So we walked on. My theory was proved correct. Walking up and down the trails is not fun when it is raining. The water comes at you as you are walking up. Mass amounts of poo water. Poo from the sheep. Poo from the cows. Poo from the dogs. Poo from the humans. Not kidding about that last sentence either. Humans poop right there in the middle of the trail. All that water was rushing down the hilly trail as we slogged through. Then, as we walked down the trails, the water streamed down the backside of our shoes. Our socks smell of poo. Our feet smell of poo. We reek of poo. We now fit in with the locals as we all smell of poo.

Let me define rain. Not the misty tinkle. Not the light drizzle. But the type of driving rain that can be found in a good thunder storm/hurricane/Hawaiian tropical outburst. And add in the wind blowing the rain, driving it into your legs, whipping your poncho hither and thither. Water streaming down your face as you continue to press forward. I was thinking about seeing pictures in Life magazine showing the troops walking in the rain in Vietnam. I only have to deal with this for a little bit. Those guys had to live in it for what must have seemed forever. My feet and socks will dry out by nightfall, unlike their feet that grew jungle rot.

See how this falls into a whole different perspective. My pilgrimage is nothing in comparison to the other trials and tribulations others have had to deal with from the weather elements.

When we were out on the Meseta, Abby asked me what I was thinking about. “oh…John Adams walking this very trail all the way to France,” I replied. She was taken back that I was pondering this. And I still think about this every time I am on the Camino walking along. Thousands of people over many years have walked this very path in all types of weather with little to no shelter along the way.
If they could do it, than so can I.

Now Abby and I have a great story to tell about the day it poured on us as we walked up and down lots of steep hills. How the clouds cleared a bit and the rain became mist as we observed the changes in the scenery and smelled the trees, flowers and fields which was intensifying with the rain.

Our journey is coming to an end. We walked about 14 Km today. There are only 22 miles left ( depends on which guidebook you are using). According to the weather forecast, we are going to be walking in the rain for awhile. So we will suck it up like real pilgrims and keep on going. And find places with warm showers and laundry machines.

4 thoughts on “Walking on Sunshine (Not)

  1. Carol Milliken

    Oh I remember the rain well. I walked the month of May and was a drowned rat by the time I reached Santiago. I brought three $1.00 rain ponchos that you keep in your glove compartment. The wind ripped these to shreds in no time….. I kept thinking of the words ” the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain”. Not!

    1. svadam Post author

      I know what you are talking about. The $1 ponchos. I have seen a lot of them today and they were getting ripped by the wind. Glad I had bought the ponchos in St. Jean at the sport shop and had taken the advice from American Pilgrims on the Camino group. Even though, walking in ponchos leaves you sweaty on the inside, but still, it kept the water out.

      It is all fun!

  2. rockyb4321

    I’ve been reading your blog off and on and wonder if you think that it’s been worth it all the stuff you’ve gone through. Do you regret doing the Camino? Most of your comments make the Camino sound like a horrible experience. What were the things that you enjoyed about it??

    1. svadam Post author

      Sorry you see the writing as a “horrible experience” it has been a great experience with lots of things that have happened that make it even more interesting. I have written about many good things in my blog. After having written 39 spots, they are in there.
      I write about the good, the bad and the ugly. I write about what I find interesting. I write about what is going on around me and my perception of what is taking place. I write fact, not fiction which includes life stories.
      Also, I find the things that are occurring humorous. As I trudge along, contemplating I have lots of thoughts. Unfortunately, I’m not able to write them all down due to lack of time and plus no one wants to read all my thoughts anyway.

      One has to appreciate the stuff that is unpleasant in order to recognize and give thanks for the good things that come one’s way. My blog is doing that for me. My blog is for myself that I freely share with others.

      This has been and still is a great experience. I started out thinking that things would go one way, only to have the plans go completely opposite…in ways I had no idea would take place. That is just like life. It throws you for a loop and you have to readjust again and again.

      Keep checking in or not. The choice is yours to continue reading about my journey and my thoughts.


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