On To A New Adventure

July 5, 2017

It has been just three years since Abby and I, completed The Camino de Santiago. During these past three years, we have been busy. Building an art studio; the plumbing blew up under the house; buying cars; taking care of house projects; Abby in college… So the money and the time for seeking out summer travel adventures were placed on a hold, until now.

We are heading off to Morocco!

Why? Because I woke up one morning and said, “I want to go to Morocco.” A deal came through with an educators traveling group, and last summer-July to be exact-I convinced Abby that she should come with me as she would be finished with her mortuary science program.

And now, here we are. Ready to go explore. Come join in and follow us along. True to typical style, we have already had some challenges to face: getting things in order, making lists and instructions for those whom are staying home to be able to follow and keep the household running…smoothly…we hope, figuring out where to stay for the week prior to meeting up with the teacher group in Casablanca, Couchsurfing, learning about AirBnB, setting up new accounts to make life go well on the road-a new adult credit card that collects points for travel, Charles Schwab debit card, getting a Global entrance card (I have an appointment with the government in August, so I won’t be able to utilize the skipping through customs and pass TSA screening this go around), obtaining a pass for airport lounges, and buying the flight tickets…each of these items did not go smoothly. There have been hiccups along the way…which is the norm for me…but even though I know they will occur, I still have anxiety.

And yet, I still travel, because this is My Way on the Hwy in Life.

1 thought on “On To A New Adventure

  1. susanawee

    SO looking forward to this new round of The Adventures, the Ups and Downs, the Highs and Lows and the photo collages and, all the challenges of Shawna and Abby……Big Hugs to your both….<3


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