Well…Plug It


FYI: You can plug up the pee hole in the floor. I know. I did it.

I am lactose intolerant. Sometimes. Well, guess who didn’t pack the pills that helps with the digestive system? In my own defense, it was recommended to avoid milk products altogether in Morocco. I was going to do just that. But… I don’t want to offend our hosting family and their family members.

So…dairy is served in one form or another at every meal; yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, milk… and there is lots of spicy delicious food that is absolutely wonderful. And our hosts feeds us, a lot! Fruit, veggies, bread ( oh my gosh… the bread here is every bit as good as in France!)… needless to say, my internal digestive system is doing absolutely wonderful. My plumbing is working very well…too well.

Last night, I kinda exploded…in a good way… not the tourist to a new country I drinked the water and sucked the ice cubes way. 

But… the pipe hole is a certain diameter AND it is an elbow fitting… not sure why an elbow pipe would make sense in the toilet hole due to the need for large solid waste to make a sharp turn in order to go down.

Let’s just say that I squatted there for awhile pondering this. What am I going to do? There is nothing laying around to help make things disappear. No matter how much water I keep pouring into the floor hole, it refuses to budge. CRAP! Oh…yes… this is it literally. Between a rock and a hard place so to speak.

I think, “Perhaps if I use the big weighted plug that you use to cover tight the hole with, to seal the stink smell… perhaps gravity will take it’s course… and by morning it will have disappeared?” So me thinks as I set the weighted bell shape thing into place.

I go to bed. I tell Abby what has happened. Our host goes into the restroom. We are holding our breathes thinking perhaps he won’t notice. We wait…hear water going… and we hear him say “WOW!”

I am now mortified. I am beyond embarrassed. I want to crawl away.

Abby…she is heaving with laughter. Spastic silent spasms rock our bed, as Abby keeps saying, “WOW!” Over… and over again.

I get up early in the morning to take care of business. I remove the heavy bell weight plug thingy. 

Gravity has not taken it’s course.


Those Americans have really messed up now!

I don’t know how it got resolved, but by mid-morning things were back to normal.

And let that be a lesson for all of you, just because you poop in a hole, doesn’t mean that it will go sliding down like in an out house.

3 thoughts on “Well…Plug It

  1. svadam Post author

    I am happy that you are entertained with my words. I figure that this has happened to all of us, and it is just part of life. If one is reading travel blogs, and only seeing the cleansed version, than that just isn’t real life travel.

    1. susanawee

      Not only am I entertained by your words Shawna….I eagerly await more. Your posts describe ‘the real travel stories – the things that really do happen to all of us who travel’, not the ‘cleansed and brushed over ones’ which so many others write. Hugs and hopes that the next part of this journey in Morocco will go smoothly. Susanawee.

  2. susanawee

    Oh Shawna – Well, you can probably guess what I am doing right now, after reading this offering…..spasms of uncontrollable laughter – my body is heaving with mirth…….they way you have told this story is just so entertaining. On a serious note though…..you are certainly NOT alone in what happened here – has happened to me a couple of times when I was a guest in someone else s home – result….mortified confession on one occasion and on the other, just pretended that it wasn’t me!!!. Big Hugs my friend.


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