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Looks Like we Made It

Like my slugs? Let me tell you that the slugs in France have thick secretions. That goo gives super glue a run for its money!

Here is what hiking in the Pyrenees is like. I cried the first 10 minutes into the climb. If you walk up Lemon, starting on the Lion’s Field side, and keep doing this same walk over and over and over, adding in fog, mist, rain, mud, cold, rocky paths, slippery grass, hearing cow/ sheep bells but you can’t see them due to fog and ya…walking through a bunch of sheep turds, avoiding cow plops and you do this for 8 hrs until you reach 5,000 ft…then you too can climb the Pryenees.

We are pooped out. We sweated the entire way. The sunscreen melted off my face, but due to the cold and the mist, my face looked like a beard grew on it.

Love staying at the Roncevalles Monastary. Super clean. Wonderful people. First rate place for 10€ each.
We walked/climbed about 15 miles today and people passed us like we were slugs….’cause we are.

Oh…best thing I ever did ( besides taking drugs for birthing) was to pay 8€ each day for the past two days to have my backpack shipped to the places we were staying at. I couldn’t have done this with my pack. It was difficult enough to balance my daypack and myself through the muddy trails butted up to barbed wire fences and one way trips down the mountain.