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Take it Off? Leave it On? Whatever…

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Things to Remember to Take Off or Not Put On ( and other things that bug you)

June 15, 2014

*Toe rings- your feet swell in the hot weather when you are walking. The toe ring cuts off circulation until your toe becomes numb. When you discover the toe purple in color, the ring band embedded in the flesh, you remember too late that the pain you were feeling in your toe wasn’t due to a hot spot, but the ring. Removing it is quite an undertaking. Your toe will turn back to flesh color in a few hours, if you are lucky. If you are not so lucky, your toe will blacken and it will need to be snipped off.

*Make-up. Why bother putting it on in the first place. It will drip off with the sweat and sting your eyes. Plus it is one more thing to pack, along with make-up remover. No one cares what you look like.

*The over-the-shoulder- boulder- holder. Also known as, The Bra. Take it off as soon as you come to the place you will rest for the night. Air out your wares. This contraption helps to reinforce The Girls, but it also is very binding when rubbing on you under your backpack straps. Hint: wear your bra when buying your pack in order to see how the two will fit together. Go buy a bra that fits with your backpack shoulder straps.

* Trying to decide if I can balance with my pack on or if I have to take it off in order to pee.

* Being aware of the direction the wind is blowing when peeing and then it changes on you.

* How to scratch an itch when you can’t get to the bug bites- on the bottom of your foot ( who wants to take off all the socks and the shoe in order to scratch it?) and on
your backside ( good luck trying to reach around your pack to take care of the itch). It drives me mad…feels like the way a dog looks, chasing its own tail trying to nip that flea.

* Pulling a wedgie out. Ahhhhh!

Stay tuned. I’m sure there are more things I will discover as I walk.



Getting My Stuff Together

May 5, 2014

Gathering the equipment for the pilgrimage takes a long time. One would think that by keeping the backpack around 12 lbs would be easy to do. But it isn’t.
I am now on first- name bases with all the employees at the REI. They have seen me come in almost every week. Abby ( my daughter) and I agonize over the backpacks. We have tried them all on. I still am happy with my Osprey 65 Ariel pack, which is twice the size that people recommend who walk the Camino. But it is the only one that fits. The hip belt wraps me just right. The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable. Even at 4 lbs with nothing in it, I like it. Plus, to be honest, the other packs just don’t fit someone of my girth.

Then the other important topic is what type of shoes/ boots to wear. Trust me, I have read lots on the topic, have heard lots of opinions and have tried out lots of footwear. Finally, we selected New Balance Trail Runners. Leadville 1210 to be exact. I also have bought the New Balance Motion Control inserts. I am bringing along Keen Newport H2 sandals. They are great for hiking as well as for use in the shower.

And then there is the subject of socks. My goodness, who knew there was so much written about socks! I went on- line to save some money to purchase toe liners, compression sleeves and Darn Tough Micro Crew Cushion Medium Merino wool socks. I made sure to select the most wildest colors.

I am going to be a sight on the road. Nothing really matches color wise. I have been buying clothes based on price of item at sales and at the thrift store.

I will post about clothes later on and include a picture of my outfit.

In the meantime, I have been focused on breaking in my footwear and toughening up my feet. Can’t go cheap on footwear or your backpack. The two most significant items needed on the pilgrimage.